What does knitting/crocheting represent to you?

When I got back into knitting, like really got back into it, I was nearing the last few months left of my maternity leave with my second. Honestly, I was bored. Bored of watching Paw Patrol, bored of doing housework and bored of just sitting around doing nothing in my down time. It was January, and we had one heck of a winter. It was cold and miserable out and cabin fever was starting to hit hard at home. I just needed something to do other than read up on TMZ and colour with my toddler. I needed something that would challenge me and keep my attention, but that would also be relaxing for my body and mind. As many of you mamas out there know, having a newborn, as amazing as it is, can also be exhausting. Add a toddler in the mix and it's a non stop marathon. There were days where I didn't even remember my own name and I introduced myself to people as mom!

One day, I braved the cold with both my kiddos in tow and made my way to Michaels. I had been watching a lot of youtube videos on knitting lately and had decided that I was now a pro and would take on my first project. I used to knit in high school. Everyone got a scarf because that was all I knew how to make! Now I wanted to do what I thought would be the impossible and try to knit myself a toque.I headed straight to the yarn section, completely overwhelmed with all the choices of yarns, needles, stitch markers etc. Since I already had an idea in mind I figured out what I needed and made my way home with my new needles and my chunky yarn. 

Once I got started, it was impossible to stop. My first toque was far from perfect, but it was such an accomplishment and better yet, it was so much fun to make. From there I made toque after toque after toque and supplied family and friends with so many that they were sure to never have their heads grow cold again. 

 I went through so many phases and hobbies that never stuck with me because there was no true love for them therefore I had ZERO drive to follow through. At times I even found those hobbies stressful, making it even more unenjoyable for me. But knitting was different. I was always looking forward to my next project, ready with my needles in my hands. 

When I come home at the end of a long work day and I need to relax, without even thinking, I grab my knitting needles and I knit. 

I want knitting to always represent this feeling to me and as long as it does you'll find me on the couch with my feet up, with a coffee nearby, knitting. 

Unless someone figures out how to knit in the bath!