Favorite Fall Traditions!


It’s that time of year again, where we say goodbye to August and summer and hello to September and fall. This can only mean one thing, its apple picking season!
Every year, we gear up in our favorite knits and sweaters, socks and boots and we pack our kiddos into the car for the hour long drive to the apple orchard.
We get there nice and early to make sure that we grab the big wagons. It’s the only way to go when you have two kids, a million apples and all the other unnecessary but necessary things you pick up along the way. And because you’re sure that halfway walking to the trees, your almost 5 year old will loudly proclaim that he’s TIIIIIIIIIIIRRREEEEEEDDD! Big wagons are a must.
 We mosey our way to the barn where my son will empty out his pockets, looking for the quarters he harvested out of his piggy bank. He feeds the goats, the pigs, but most importantly the chickens because they are his favorite. So after 5 dollars’ worth of corn is fed to the animals we can convince him to make our way to the apples.
This part is my favorite! We find our favorite kind, Jonagolds, and lose ourselves in row and rows of trees, so full that the branches lean down low enough for my one year old to pick them! We pick and we pick and we pick bags full! More apples than I’d ever admit to picking. The best part is how exciting the kids get. They run up and down the rows, they fall, they laugh; they make me want to buy a farm! They look for ladybugs and they pick the biggest apples they can find. They sample ones off the trees and sometimes even off the ground! It becomes such an amazing day and just to stand back and watch this makes my heart full!
 After we are done picking more apples than we need, I promise to make pie. This here is the key to justifying bringing home 20 lbs. of apples. Pies, always promise pies!
When all is said and done, we make our way back to main entrance, where there’s a playground for the kids and the country store for the adults. I pick out my 30 pumpkins, gourds and squashes I feel the need to get every year because every inch of our home needs to be decorated for the fall, and I get a jug of homemade apple cider and a couple apple cider slushies!!
Our way home is filled with the sounds of two snoring kids, the endless crunch of apples, and the slurps of our cider slushies. And every year I sit back, feeling happy and content that yet another year has gone by with our fall tradition at the apple orchard completed.
What are your favorite fall traditions?