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Dealing with Self Doubt and Discouragement

I was totally inspired to write this blog post by Lindsay over at @bundlehandmade because I realized self doubt and discouragement have been something that I’ve been struggling with since I started Pacific Knot. I remember the day I decided to open up shop in February 2017, because I was sitting on my couch, I just finished knitting up a toque and kept thinking to myself, is this something I can do for real? Can I open up a shop and sell my handmade items? Can I start using social media? On a side note for those who don’t know, before this, I didn’t have any social media; no Instagram, no Facebook and no twitter (still don’t know the purpose of...

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Favorite Fall Traditions!

  It’s that time of year again, where we say goodbye to August and summer and hello to September and fall. This can only mean one thing, its apple picking season! Every year, we gear up in our favorite knits and sweaters, socks and boots and we pack our kiddos into the car for the hour long drive to the apple orchard. We get there nice and early to make sure that we grab the big wagons. It’s the only way to go when you have two kids, a million apples and all the other unnecessary but necessary things you pick up along the way. And because you’re sure that halfway walking to the trees, your almost 5 year old...

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What does knitting/crocheting represent to you?

When I got back into knitting, like really got back into it, I was nearing the last few months left of my maternity leave with my second. Honestly, I was bored. Bored of watching Paw Patrol, bored of doing housework and bored of just sitting around doing nothing in my down time. It was January, and we had one heck of a winter. It was cold and miserable out and cabin fever was starting to hit hard at home. I just needed something to do other than read up on TMZ and colour with my toddler. I needed something that would challenge me and keep my attention, but that would also be relaxing for my body and mind. As many of...

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